Penfield Marine | History
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February 2019

Penfield moves offices to 200 Pequot Avenue in Southport, Connecticut.

December 2018

Emarat Maritime, a Dubai based company, joins Penfield Tankers (Aframax) pool with the M/T Dubai Angel.

October 2018

Penfield welcomes Hellenic Tankers of Greece as a partner in our Penfield Tankers (Panamax) pool with the MT LR1 Ambassador and MT LR1 Carrier.

July 2018

Penfield welcomes new pool member Wah Kwong of Hong Kong into the Penfield Tankers (Aframax) pool with the MT Unity Venture.

May 2018

Valles Steamship Company, Ltd., Hong Kong-headquartered shipowner, entered the M/T Seanostrum to the Penfield Tankers (Aframax) pool.

March 2018

Chemnav of Athens Greece, enters the Penfield Tankers (Aframax) pool with the M/T Delos Voyager.

January 2018

Penfield Marine welcomes the M/T Angelica Schulte, managed by Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement, into Penfield Tankers (Aframax) pool.

October 2017

Phoenix Shipping Group of Athens Greece, enters Penfield Tankers (Aframax) pool with the MT Phoenix Alpha.

August 2017

Penfield adds four Diamlemos ships to the Penfield Tankers (Panamax) pool.

July 2017

Penfield Marine celebrated its 5th anniversary on July 5, 2017.

June 2017

Hellespont enters Penfield Tankers (Panamax) pool with the MT Hellespont Progress.

November 2016

Grace Management S.A of Greece joins Penfield Tankers (Panamax) with the M/T Orfeas.

July 2016

Penfield launches Penfield Tankers (Aframax) LLC, an aframax pool focusing on crude and DPP.

March 2016

Navios Maritime Holdings joins Penfield Tankers (Panamax) with the M/T Aurora N.

January 2016

Penfield again makes history with the M/T Angelica Schulte carrying the first aframax-size cargo of American crude to leave the United States since the end of the 40-year ban on such shipments.

December 2015

Penfield makes history
chartering the M/T Theo T,
with a New Year’s Eve departure
from the Port of Corpus Christi,
carrying the first American crude
oil shipment in more
than 40 years.

July 2015

Jerry Townsend joins the Board of Penfield.

March 2015

After more than doubling its panamax pool to 20 ships in 12 months, Penfield expands into the Aframax sector by taking three vessels on time-charter.

February 2015

Ionia Ship Management enters Penfield Tankers (Panamax) with the M/T Theo T.

February 2015

Stena AB enters the panamax pool with the M/T Stena Companion.

June 2014

Chemikalien Seetransport commits three vessels to Penfield Tankers (Panamax) LLC.

May 2014

Salamon (SAG) joins the panamax pool with the M/T Fedor.

March 2014

Penfield Tankers (Panamax) LLC was established to focus on panamax and long-range-one (LR1) tonnage. The DPP-oriented pool started with eight ships from the initial pool partners: Evolution Maritime, Paradise Navigation, Expedo, and Penfield.

September 2013

Penfield Marine, headquartered in Connecticut, expands its global footprint by opening an office in London.

August 2013

Penfield Marine moves headquarters location to Southport, Connecticut.

July 2013

Spetses Trading Ltd. becomes a shareholder in Penfield and Alexander Schwarzenberg joins the board.

February 2013

Penfield takes on its first ship, the M/T Stena Callas.

November 2012

Per Heidenreich becomes a shareholder in Penfield and is appointed Chairman of the Board.

Joe Toce, Managing Director of Anderson Tax LLC in New York, also joins the Board.

October 2012

Hurricane Sandy destroys Penfield’s original office.

July 2012

Former Heidmar CEO Tim Brennan and Glencore executive Eric Haughn team up to launch Penfield Marine.

Penfield Reef Lighthouse is located on the south side of the Black Rock Harbor entrance to the Long Island Sound, off the coast of Fairfield, Connecticut. Constructed in 1874, it was one of the last offshore masonry lights.

This historic lighthouse was the inspiration for Penfield Marine’s name and logo.